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Wildfire - Rough Draft


When I see a pretty girl (I say hey!)
When my dog shit on the floor (I say hey!)
Your mom ask me on a date (I say hey!)
When Felix plays the guitar!
Hey! (x13)

You'll Be Missing It

Tomorrow's generation
Opened up a path
To this cynical world
Forcing it to plague
Like growing up a cancer
In personal abysm
When you won't be there
You'll be missing it

Now you wanna fight (wanna fight)
So pissed off and don't know why
Now you wanna hide (wanna hide)
We are pissed off and you know why

Just like a nuclear bomb
La crème-de-la-crème
A teenage mother
or the smell of cigarette
So snort up some gasoline
Bring it to the extreme
You are the one
That asked for more

You are why
Yeah, you are why

Just Let Me Get My Guitar

The one behind the raid
In the refrigerator
I don't care much
About the complaining neighbors

My blood stained shirt
Don't make me shy
Just try me on
And you'll know why

I gotta give it a shot

Just let me get my guitar
I'll make you see a star
Just let me get my guitar
I'll make you see the stars
Like that

No reason to complain
I've been gifted by nature
I got a wicked shaft
And a hell of a behavior

I'm smelling cigarette
It ain't a secret for no one
I'm drinking all the time
If not, I ain't have any fun

I gotta give it a shot

One day you'll see me back
From my uprise
Running out of paradise
With nothing else to sacrifice
Wondering what to say
You stole my pride
So when I'll get away
I will have nowhere else to hide
I'll have to make my way
To the brighter side
I got my war paint
Just let me get my guitar

Double Dose

Oh, there you go
You double dose your stereo
And make sure
That we get to know
You're good enough
To start up the show

So there I go
I double dose my stereo
And make sure
You too get to know
I'm gonna be a part
Of the show

Hey you
Mr. No-Need-To-Apologize
One day
You will realize
Yeah you
No one ever said you were right

Hey you
Mr. Always-Ready-For-A-Fight
One day
You'll be compromised
Damn you
No one ever said you were right

And then you'll hear the echo
Flowing from above
It will be the melody
(Of the) milky coming of the death

Now where'd you go
Why can't you hear my stereo
They forgot
I thought you should know
You still know how
To start up the show

Dolly Molly's Fake Pregnancy

Oh, dear Dolly Molly
Was feeling pretty lonely
She had no friends or family
But a desperate need of company
So she faked a pregnancy

Oh, glad she was to finaly
Get congratulated by everybody
And a paid break from the company
All those cares were fantasies
She ended up at the emergency

Oh no, if only she knew
That you can't lie forever

You see, she really needs a baby
With all the questions constantly
Someone may get to know and see
The how and why of the story
So she sat on a turkey (If you know what I mean)

Oh the surprise on the doctor's face (what a surprise)
When they did realize that it was fake (that it was fake)
She went back home, feet on a stool
And ended up hanging like a fool


This is it (You want it)
Something new (You want it)
Something true (You want it)
Yes you do

Sunshine on sunset city
Where the sun is always down
Sunshine, on sunset city

Sunshine on sunset city
Where the sun is always down
Yes the sun shine, yeah

Enjoy life (Dream of it)
A cute wife (Dream of it)
Store your knife (Forget it)
You're alive

You know sometimes life can be though and just boring, you know
Bills to pay, laws to obey and every bullshit people can say
But when you feel down like you reach the ground
and only see darkness all around
Open your eyes and start searching the light

Now you see (You got it)
Happiness (You got it)
You are free (You got it)
Free to be

River of Life

In the river of life
You will swim or sink
You better ally
With your enemy I think

If you can't afford a boat
You'll have to find a way to float
If your enemy was your friend
He might give you a hand

In the river of life
If you want to survive
You'll have to make some allies
You'll have to surf on the vibe

In the river of life
You will, get wet and stink
If you have no allies
You'll got to follow your instinct

You'll work hard
Just to survive
Stop swimming and start
To fly real high

Start to fly
Real high
'Till the day you die

Bob (I Hate You)

I met a man who's called Bob
He's the new guy at my job
I used to say hi and be nice
Until the day that I realized
That I hate Bob

Yes I hate Bob
So screw you Bob
I hate you Bob

I wish you get smashed by a train
Every day you drive me insane
I hate you Bob
Yes I hate you
I hate you
I hate you Bob

Bob, bob, bob, bob, I hate you Bob (x4)

Everytime I see your face
I puke this is my faith
You should wear a crap mask
That would be okay, yeah

I hate you Bob
So screw you Bob
Go fuck yourself
Burn in hell

I hate you
I hate you
I hate you Bob
I hate you Bob

Human After All

You can judge me
Don't even know my name
Why don't you see
That we are all just the same

You can kick me
Even when I'm down
Don't you know that
What goes around comes around

But you don't know
No you don't know

Keep on laughing
Laugh at our differences
I won't blame you
I won't make it an offense

But just watch me
Expose normality
I will highlight
All our similarities

But you don't know
No you don't know
No you don't even know
Don't even know my name

What do you see
When you close down your eyes?
How hard angels
Can fall without wings
Not sure if he's left
For dead or alive

So you can tell me
What you have became
Can you face the mirror
Nothing else to blame
Nothing else but you
Can you face your game

That sorrow in your eyes
Expose all of your shame
We're all just human

We're all just humans, human after all (x3)
All in the same boat, human after all


Wildcat, Come on
Let's get it on

I said Wildcat, Come on
You can chew my bone

You know Wildcat
I got a place at home

So let's go Wildcat
You don't have to sleep alone

I won't bite you
Unless you're asking me
No I won't hurt you
Unless you want me to
I won't eat you
Unless you're pleasing me
No I won't slap you
Unless you're wishing to

I want to dance with you Wildcat
So show me your best move
I want to sing with you Wildcat
Want to hear you scream
I want to play with you Wildcat
If I'm the one you choose
I will paint on you Wildcat
With my special cream